AP Matt Send Jillaine address and any other company details to go in the footer THEN AP Jillaine Footer – Add Information. Contact details – phone number (waiting for this to be set up), email address (use .co.uk). Company Details. Social links

AP Matt Training page – Add wording to the middle grey column on this page. (Python – MSGBrokers, Protocols) THEN AP Jillaine edit layout of Training page and add graphics (same style as those used on the service page)

AP Matt VPN Page robot graphic

AP Matt About page – decide on the content of this page THEN AP Jillaine About page – set up and add information

AP Matt/Will Consultancy page – decide on wording on this page THEN AP Jillaine Add wording and edit layout for this page

AP Will Wording for the IT Services page.

AP Jillaine Final checks – Check LoRaWAN is written correctly accross the site with TM added.

AP Jillaine Final checks – Check all emails are .co.uk

AP Jillaine Topbar – Social links needed here.

NOTE Contact Us Button – this is now a custom block and can be added by searching for M2MContactButton block. (The custom code for this button is in Appearance > Theme Options > Widget and is in the Top Bar. The style for this button is in Appearance > Theme Options > Advance Settings)

NOTE Topbar – will show a cart total. Might be useful in the future when connected to shopify although does only specifiy WooCommerce.

DONE Take out the phone number from the contact block and tidy up layout of block.

DONE Facebook page set up.

DONE Security Certificate – AP Needs adding before site goes live.

RESOLVED – Menu Header Colour – this needs to be a solid colour because otherwise the content and menu are too white… there is no definition between the two. Possibly a light grey or even a solid blue colour could be used. OR – could have a long ‘header’ image on every page. However this is something that users would have to scroll past and might get annoying. Added blue background to title.

RESOLVED – Links – for links written on the darker colour blocks… make sure to override the standard link css settings. Check the Advanced Settings for the notepad to add css classes. Classes for the links are p.whitelink. AP: why did the font colour on the H3.whitelink class not work?? SOLUTION: When adding links on a dark background add class name p.whitelink to Advanced settings in the page. Added CSS to advanced settings.